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Hayashi's Mixed Martial Arts Academy is the place for you and your whole family

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Are you interested in competing, self-defense classes, or simply wanting to meet your physical goals? Hayashi’s Martial Arts Academy is the place for you and your whole family!


Hayashi’s Martial Arts academy was established in EL Paso, Texas since 1955. We have classes for men, women, and children starting at the age of 4! Hayashi’s offers a complete training program as well as classes for both competitions and self-defense. Our children’s classes are highly energetic structured activities that teach discipline as well as self -confidence.

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One of my favorite places to be. The lessons are priceless, and the people I have met at this Dojo are amazing. My niece (she's 4) loved the judo classes! There are no words to describe what you learn and take with you mentally, physically, and spiritually. It's great.


The only dojo in El Paso that puts on martial arts tournaments. All the other gyms come here to test themselves against us. Lots of fun classes. I especially love getting tossed around in judo. Great way to achieve physical fitness. Train here now.


My family and I highly recommend this Martial Arts Academy to anyone and everyone. 5 STARS all the way! As a parent that wants what's best for her kids, this was it. My two kids love it, look forward to practice everyday, and they enjoy learning martial arts that demonstrates hard work, correct form and technique, self-confidence and respect. Their dojo facility is amazing, huge, and filled with so much history and accomplishments that all can be proud of.


My grandson takes Judo at Hayashi's Dojo. He has his third bel already, after training for almost a year and a half. He enjoys it. They really have a good workout as well as Funtime. Sensei Hayashi also trained both my sons back in the days. We had so much fun going to tournaments in different areas out of town. There's also different Martial Arts being taught there. Come and check it out!!!


Hayashi has a compound like I have never seen. Cool tournament! Can't wait to see the ProSeries BJJ.

Jason A. Komsa

Hayahi's Dojo has the smartest people. My children's self esteem has improved since they have been attending Judo classes at Hayashi's. They enjoy it so much. Great place to be! My kids go NUTS over kids night out.

Scott Patten

My three sons & I attend Judo classes, & we highly recommend Hayashi Dojo!! Like all parents we wanted to choose an extracurricular activity for our sons that would teach them humility, respect , & ultimately how to protect themselves. Not only for all of them but primarily for our oldest son who is autistic. When he started at the dojo he would sit in a corner & did not want nothing to do with the class. Sensai had me suit up so that I could do the class with him & help him. They have never treated him any different but always know his limits. That was three years ago and he now has his yellow belt. The kids and sensais all have their own way of working with him, but by no means is he ever treated less. Our family is forever great full for their patience and understanding. �

Chris/ Mandy Tierres

I was an assistant instructor at the Academy and trained under Master Hayashi, Master Tai, and Guru Greg Allen for several years in the 90's. Unfortunately military duty ultimately took me away. I have trained under many Masters, and had my own schools in the past, but this is best martial arts training program it has been my privilege to be affiliated. It is a brotherhood of loyal and honorable Budo practitioners, where serious martial artist can grow and be taken to the next level. You will not find a more well rounded program. It is the perfect blend of traditional and modern styles. The true meaning of balance can be found here. If you are fortunate enough to live in close proximity, and you aren't already a member, trust me, you are missing out. I hold this school and it's instructors in the highest esteem. Best regards, Brother Mike

Michael Scott

Tai what to say. Great man, good heart, great family enjoyment for all ages. Young and old hayashi will bring it out of you.

Rik Najer

Phenomenal family atmosphere. Felt welcomed from the get go! As I write this review, I find myself grinning, as I embrace my soreness. Great experience. Eager for more! Thanks to Master Hayashi!!!

Jacob Carrasco

Have all three of my kids going here. I drive Monday through Thursday an hour to bring them. Worth the trip every time.

William Abilez

I walked in off the street and competed in yesterdays Tournament affiliated with no gym. I am almost sure I will return in the future for training. It was an excellent Atmosphere to be apart of. Nobody should have any complaints about this clear huge family environment and I look forward to returning to the gym.

Blake Danger Steele

I love working out at this dojo. Sensei Hayashi is so wise when it comes to fighting ( I did kickboxing lessons with him) and he has taught me proper kickboxing moves and the correct way to defend myself. It's just so much fun, you forget that you are working out, definitely try it out!

Briana Isabel Ortiz

"My son has been going to Hayashis for the past 5 years, and it has been a godsend. He attends judo and junior MMA. It has helped my son most notably with focus, respect and discipline. There isn’t a better place to send your kids for their extracurricular activities. All of the instructors are amazing and the dojo is awesome."

Briana Lane
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