Private Martial Arts Lessons in El Paso, Texas

Taught By Sensei Taichi Hayashi

Taught by head instructor and owner, Sensei Taichi Hayashi, provides private lessons and are available for kids starting at the age of 9 for all levels, competitive and/ or cardio training.

If under the age of 18: parent or guardian must be present.

Private lessons are offered for any kind of the martial arts. Sensei Hayashi is a Godan (5th degree Black Belt) in both Judo and Jujitsu, 6th degree in Shotokan Karate, 6th degree in Bujutsu, 2nd degree in Kendo, and full fled instructor in Jeet Kune Do under Ted LucayLucay. Private lessons are ideal for those who can not attend regular classes and can be scheduled on an individual basis.

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    One of my favorite places to be. The lessons are priceless, and the people I have met at this Dojo are amazing. My niece (she's 4) loved the judo classes! There are no words to describe what you learn and take with you mentally, physically, and spiritually. It's great.


    The only dojo in El Paso that puts on martial arts tournaments. All the other gyms come here to test themselves against us. Lots of fun classes. I especially love getting tossed around in judo. Great way to achieve physical fitness. Train here now.


    My family and I highly recommend this Martial Arts Academy to anyone and everyone. 5 STARS all the way! As a parent that wants what's best for her kids, this was it. My two kids love it, look forward to practice everyday, and they enjoy learning martial arts that demonstrates hard work, correct form and technique, self-confidence and respect. Their dojo facility is amazing, huge, and filled with so much history and accomplishments that all can be proud of.


    My grandson takes Judo at Hayashi's Dojo. He has his third bel already, after training for almost a year and a half. He enjoys it. They really have a good workout as well as Funtime. Sensei Hayashi also trained both my sons back in the days. We had so much fun going to tournaments in different areas out of town. There's also different Martial Arts being taught there. Come and check it out!!!

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