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Judo Shiai February 2020

By Julie 0

”Tournament for all grapplers”
all types of grappling (Sambo, Jujitsu, Brazilian Jujitsu, Wrestling and Judo)

Rules/ Regulations:
-start from standing position
-4 minute rounds for adults and 3 minute rounds for youth (17yrs and under)
-first person to score 1-point wins

Point system as follows:
-Take down with speed, power and control=1point
– Take down lacking one of the the criteria’s above is awarded 1/2 a point
-20 Second pin= 1point
-15 second pin = 1/2 point
-successful arm bar resulting in submission
= 1 point (17yrs and over)
-successful choke resulting in submission = 1 point (13yrs and over)
-any combination of 2 x 1/2 points = 1 full point

Fact: 75% of most judo matches are won during newaza (ground grappling)


Judo Shiai, February 2020


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